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Mystic Katie

Psychic Experiences with Angels

Mystic Katie’s psychic experiences began at the age of sixteen. Her parents actually brought it to her attention. She had what she called ‘premonitions’. She would predict events that would happen good and bad. Her Father was amazed at some of the predictions she was having. He also was amazed at the fact that she could so easily read into people when she first met them.

Many times she would tell him not to do business with someone because they were not very good people. Later he would find this out. Katie started to get a reputation among her extended family and friends and their friends. They would come to her with their concerns about love and relationships, career moves, and family. Mystic Katie began to pray and ask God to help her fine tune these special gifts she had so that she could help even more people.

At the age of eighteen, her father bought her a book and a set of Tarot Cards. She began to study all aspects of the Tarot. She was fascinated with the accuracy of the cards and also began to read cards for her friends and family. It was very beneficial.

Since Mystic Katie was a child, an indigo child, she was fascinated with angels. She collected tiny angels in her room, and then began to realize she was surrounded by, very real, tiny angels.

When she was twenty, her grandfather died. He came to her that very night and told her she was gifted from God to have contact with those that had passed on. He gave her messages to give to his loved ones to let them know he was well and was ready then to pass over.

Soon after that Katie began getting signs that she was surrounded by real angels; tiny angels, guardian angels, and even pet angels. When her brother died suddenly she was standing in her kitchen crying and saying, “if I just knew you were alright and you were happy”, as he died at a young age. A music box that Mystic Katie kept on a shelf in the kitchen began to play. She could smell his favorite perfume. She knew he was there. After that she kept the music box close by and each Christmas Eve the music box will began to play. Spirits also make contact through her dreams, often giving special messages for others.

Mystic Katie

Katie feels very blessed that she can help people in so many different ways and give comfort to those who are hurting when they lose a loved one. She says, "If you study the history of the tarot, they are not the occult but a way of connecting with the subconscious mind." She has found Tarot cards to be very accurate. They have never failed her. She will use her intuitive powers and back them up with the cards. The cards will give her more detail. Now after forty years she has mastered her psychic gifts and the ability to help many people.

Now retired and on disability, she feels blessed to supplement her income by doing psychic readings. This is something she loves and has many repeat clients. Like any good psychic, she will never lie or sugar coat anything. This is so that you can prepare for what is to come in the most appropriate ways. 

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