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About Psychic Miasmine

Hello my name is Psychic Miasmine. We all need a little guidance at some point in our lives, a little light to find our way through the dark times. For some, a psychic reading is that light.

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I understand if you are new to tarot that receiving a reading can be quite daunting but I am here to help you understand that tarot is not scary and can be helpful and uplifting. You need to have an open mind when receiving a psychic reading. 

You may not always hear what you want to hear and that can be a bit difficult for some people. I am a very sincere, honest psychic and will tell you exactly what I see. In life we always have to face good and bad times and a reading that tells only good times is not a true and accurate reading.

If something uncomfortable does come up for you we will work together to figure out what’s the best path for you!

About Psychic Miasmine

I have been aware of my gift since I was a little girl but didn't start reading publicly until I was 11. I come from a line of psychics and spiritualists on my mother's and father's side, so I have always been encouraged to harness my gift, my mum bought me my first tarot deck. I decided to expand to online readings in 2010 after the birth of my first child. I have been reading the tarot for people for 16 years.  I love what I do and I have helped hundreds of people worldwide using the tarot and my counselling skills.

Helping others through my readings is my passion and is my way of life. I feel honored to hold my gift. I am a psychic, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, empath, reiki master, life coach. I have been blessed to be able to help people with my psychic gift through the worst and best times of their lives. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than to be able to help people. 

I am also trained in counselling, mental health awareness, relationship studies, bereavement, life coaching, reiki and is now studying music therapy.

I also offer reiki healing and spells such as luck, love, money, career, protection, weight loss, cleansing, health, new beginnings.

How to Contact Psychic Miasmine

I offer readings to suit any pocket so if you are interested in finding out more about my offers and readings please visit my website

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