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Psychic Shopper

by Lucy

Psychic Shopper

Psychic Shopper

Hi Cat, I'm a psychic and reading your story I have to say you seem to be doing something I call 'psychic shopping'.

Clairvoyant/Psychic advice in my books is to provide guidance and insight, but not something that needs to be accessed so frequently that you are currently spending $1.00 a minute talking to phone lines on a frequent basis.

Your advice should give you a personal benchmark, some insight, something you can think about and make changes if it resonates. You cannot seek this from multiple psychics. As Doreen Virtue put it the other day, you can't create a spiritual buffet in which you pick and choose the information wish to listen too.

It may serve you well to stop seeking psychic services for now. You do not really need a 'go to guy' for frequent matters in your life as you loose your own internal compass.

In a couple of months time find a psychic who doesn't work per minute, really there are a lot of really good psychics who have personal websites. I work in a distance capacity, and this in no way impedes my readings.

Find one private practicing psychic who resonates with you, I have many repeat clients, but they contact me with 'new' issues, or there is a reasonable gap between them. Four readings per year should be more than enough, so please start saving your money, and find someone who can lovingly guide you a few times a year!!


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Apr 22, 2016
Psychic you found
by: Joey

Hi I just happen to come across your comments. Congrats on finding your new psychic. May I ask if his predictions came true? Can you tell me some more about this new psychic? What's his name also. Thank you.

Jun 23, 2015
I was indeed Psychic Shopping
by: Cat

Hi thanks for your response Lucy. I was indeed Psychic Shopping. I used to have a local psychic I would speak to if I needed advice, but things changed and I needed a new one. For me, I felt I needed to shop around to find the right fit. I guess my point was that I wanted to know if they were legit on the "Psychic Source" network. I like the anonymity of the whole thing, but I wanted to know if they were really as good as they say. I don't rely on them to survive. Once I find a good one I will speak to them a handful of times in the year, depending on how bad the problem is.

I have actually found one now. He's amazing, and on Psychic Source. I had to go through a couple to find him, and now that I have I'm happy.

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