Little Child Moments

by Melody

I was little when I‘d listen to a tape about dinosaurs and in every song, somebody would whisper "dinosaur." but it wasn’t in the lyrics or anything. So, I’d have my parents search the whole room-top to bottom, but they never found anything. (age-5 or 6)

My nightmares come true. Not exactly; but something similar, as an example is I had one where 3 people I was close to died. Then, within 3 or 4 years, 3 people died that were close to me. (age-12 or 13)

I also saw a clown ghost at my dad’s old house. (age-14 or 15)

I saw a purple ghost in my mom’s room at about 3:00am. .... and it kept getting closer to me.... nobody believed me, except for my best friend. (age-14 or 15)

I go into my attic and see a sketch of the devil partially painted over. Above its lengthy tongue is a short note about people partying in the attic and getting high. Then when I just stand dead center in the attic, I hear creeks across the attic. I hear the wind blow; but it doesn’t move my hair. (age-15)


I am about to turn 16, and I am a little worried about what all this means. But, I am not scared... that much.

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