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Seeing Ghosts

by Amanda
(New York)

A Long Page of Short Ghost Stories

A Long Page of Short Ghost Stories

All my life I have seen spirits of the afterlife. Everywhere I've lived I've always seen a "Ghost" or heard something. I always thought that maybe I'm just haunted or something is wrong with me because my sister would hear little things but never to the extent of what I had seen.

When I was 12 years old my best friends grandmother passed away. Someone I was very close to. But this was the awakening point for me because 4 days before she passed away I dreamt about her passing and in the dream I had a very spiritual experience in the dream. In a sense it was helping me to prepare for her death and to be able to heal with the pain that was to come.

Ever since then I've had a dream roughly about 2-4 days before something bad is going to happen. I have since been able to dream of missing people in my area and work with police to try to find people. I am slowly trying to develop my psychic skills. I must say that the experiences I've had in my life and especially since I was 12 years old have brought me so much closure to GOD. It really has lifted my spirituality and I thank him for it everyday.

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Ghosts With Me

by Morgan

A year ago strange things started to happen at my house. I was very confused as I started hearing and seeing things that only I could see. I thought I was going crazy but later I realized the things I was seeing weren’t part of our world.

I realized that I was being haunted. I was the only one who could communicate with them. I got mad one day at them and yelled at them, which I figured out was not very smart. They started to get aggressive and it wasn’t fun because it started affecting my school work.

My mom was so mad that she started talking to some psychics and they told her what to do and a few weeks after they were gone. I can still talk to ghosts and now I’m less scared of things like that but that experience changed my life.

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Locked Eyes With Ghost

by Diane
(Wellington, Fl. USA)

I was on a trip in another city and stopped at a little store to get a soda. While in the car, I noticed a man coming out of the store. He looked exactly like my ex-father-in-law Joe. I haven't seen this man for over twenty years. We both stared and each other, like, “what are you doing here”?

We didn't speak, and we just went on our way. I kept thinking about him all the way home. It was just so strange, especially that stare, when we just locked eyes. It really shook me.

Later that night I received a call from my ex-husband telling me that Joe, his father had passed away that afternoon. I was just dumb-founded.

Was it really him?

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Indigo Ghost Sighter

Hello, my name is Christina and I believe I have a spirit guide. I think that is why I have visions, and am able to see ghosts.

I believe very strongly that there is another side for our spirits to go, and that they come back to visit us quite often. I have someone watching over me, when I am ill, and when I become troubled over things. They always make sure I know they are there, because one time I asked them to when I knew they were with me, and at time when this spirit is with me, sometimes I will see a bright light glow quickly no matter where I am in the house, or outdoors, or sometimes they will move an object to let me know they are there with me. Or sometimes I will feel a bump on my arm or side like someone has just touched me.

I wish I could find out who it is. I would like to find someone to talk to who has these experiences, like mine so that we can share some stories, and so that I am not alone with this ability/haunting.

If there is anyone who would like to talk about their experiences, my e-mail address is usearcher @ hotmail . com

Thank You

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Never Piss Off A Ghost

by Ashleigh
(Border of VA/MD/WV)

I'm sensitive to things, same as two of my uncles, my grandmother, & my cousin (although she won't admit it now that she's older). My sister has seen a ghost once and that one time was at the house I used to live at in the country in VA. I was living with my boyfriend and his father. I've had doors shut on people’s faces, I’ve had friends stay the night and the TV would turn off on them they turn it on, it would turn off again. Others, who were staying upstairs, heard adults laughing on the windy staircase.

I've been woken up to a shadow figure at the end of my side of the bed. I've been ran at (I was mad I was the only one that hadn't seen a ghost so I yelled out "Where The Hell Are You?" and something started running at me through the tall brush. Right before the brush ended and it would pop out. As two people walked through the front door saw it pulled me away and it stopped.)

Hint, NEVER PISS OFF A GHOST. I've been threatened by a girl with black hair pale face looks like she's 17-19years old and jealous of other girls. She pushed my friend down the stairs (female), and scared my little sister. The house was also used as a civil war hospital and there are records of people dying in the house, as well as bullets still stuck in the wall from civil war time. I’ve way too many things to list. I'd go on but I’ve rambled enough.

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Old Lady Ghost

by Anon

My friends and I crashed in the living room one night and we'd been telling ghost stories. Anyhow we went to sleep there and I woke up in the middle of the night to see a middle aged lady hovering near the adjacent couch, she was staring at me, which made me uncomfortable, so I went back to sleep.

The next day when I came back from college I walked in on my friend describing to the girls how she had seen this apparition, the exact same woman I had seen. That is strange, that's all I'm saying. Maybe it was mass hallucination. But I definitely saw what I saw.

I've had premonitions to; very vivid dreams every night. Sometime I wish I wasn't so nervously active, it's exhausting. Anyhow I hope you enjoyed my story!

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Topless Ghost

by Kary Shellar
(Brooklyn New York )

I was in 4th grade, during lunch, in the bathroom washing my hands. Suddenly, one of the bathroom stalls doors were moving in and out. When I turned around I saw a topless person walking into the stall door (which was still moving). I'm not sure if it' a person, so I went like "Hello, anyone in there?" When there was no answer, I pushed the stall door open.

It was empty. I got freaked out and ran out to the cafeteria, still hearing the stall door moving.

I'm 100% that no one else was in the bathroom except me. Was this a Topless Ghost?

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Apparition From Past

by Penelope Ghias
(Plaistow London)

Have you ever been alone and then you’re with someone from the past? It happened to me. My children went to school as usual and as I lent on a beam I looked towards the stairs and to my surprise I saw a man, an old man, he watched me and I him.

He was walking up the stairs but his hands were on the stairs maybe for balance. He was wearing a maroon woolen top and light brownish trousers, he smiled at me then he vanished.

Later I saw my next door neighbour and asked her who had lived there before. She said a lot of different people and I said oh. I then described a person and she said you couldn’t have seen him he’s been dead for years. She said he always wore those clothes they were his favorite ones.

I then went and I shared this with my friend and family, I hope you enjoy this - Penelope

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