Why Communication With Departed Loved Ones Is Essential

Experiencing communication with departed loved ones may be more important that you realize. Are there some things you need to say to departed loved ones, or do you have some questions for them? 

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Although I am a 5th generation Psychic Medium, and was born with the gift, that does not mean that I am immune to the grief from the loss of a loved one. When my father passed, we had a lot of unresolved issues in our relationship. So, the loss of my father hit me particularly hard. I remember one day after he passed when I was grieving particularly hard, I actually heard his voice. It was a clear audible voice that was unmistakably my father’s voice with his accompanying personality. At first, I was startled when I heard his voice. This seems funny to me now considering all the times I have heard the voices of my client’s departed loved ones. But after the initial shock, we began communicating like we used to do when he was here on earth with me. After our first conversation, I thought about what we had talked about and realized that my father was still teaching me things and preparing me for things to come. I was grateful for this but knew that we still had some issues to work through.

You can experience communication with departed loved ones through a psychic medium.

So, the next time that we spoke I made sure that we talked about some of the issues that we had in our relationship. Even though he was not here on earth with me, it was still not an easy conversation to have. It was quite similar to how we spoke in these situations, prior to him departing from this earthly plane. At first, we argued a little, but then we both admitted our previous mistakes and forgave each other. We both wept and then I felt his warm embrace.

This was the most cathartic experience that I had ever had in my entire life and something that I desperately needed to do. This marked a turning point in my grieving, my personal life, and in my professional life. From this point forward I was able to accept his death, as I had now received the healing and closure that I desperately needed. But what was even more remarkable and unexpected, was how I was able to grow as a person from this encounter with my father. I realized how the previous unresolved issues were affecting my life and my relationships with other people. This realization allowed me to grow and mature spiritually.

You can have communication with departed loved ones

I became more acutely aware of the importance and need for closure that many of my clients had. I always knew that many of my clients needed the closure and healing that experiencing communication with departed loved ones can bring. But this allowed me to see things from their perspective and to also see all the benefits that this can have in your life firsthand.

From this point forward whenever the need for closure and healing arose I would first make it a point to create an atmosphere that was conducive for communication with departed loved ones to occur. Then, I would continue to work with my clients to make sure that they were getting all the benefits that could come from this. Since I experienced these things for myself, I knew how to help my clients to grow spiritually, personally and professionally.

I now have many clients that have changed professions and found their true calling due to the healing that they received from the encounters they had through their communication with departed loved ones. Other clients have reported that they have rediscovered the joy in their life and have a new zeal for life. Still others tell me, that although they still miss their departed loved ones, they have found peace knowing that issues have been resolved.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits for both myself and my clients, is knowing that your departed loved ones are okay. However, whatever the reason you seek to experience communication with departed loved ones, the important thing is to just do it.

Guest post by Milton Arch

Guest post by Milton Arch

Milton Arch is a 5th generation internationally known Psychic Medium. Milton is highly sought after for the accuracy of his readings, the insight that he offers, and for his unparalleled ability to unlock his client's destinies.

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