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Fuller Psychic Mediumship

by Adrian Fuller
(Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.)

How my mediumship has changed mine and others lives.

How my mediumship has changed mine and others lives.

Although I have developed my mediumship over 29 years ago It was around 20 years ago when I noticed that my abilities was about to change as a Medium almost in one night. In one particular private sitting I sensed a spirit gentleman that had drawn close to me, at the time I was giving the sitting to a young women who was skeptic had asked for a sitting out of curiosity. It was to become the sitting that was to change everything and was to leave this young lady both shocked and in no doubt to the existence of spirit. At a certain point in the sitting I was able to describe what this gentleman looked liked and I also became aware of his voice. He began to tell me that his name was John and that he had only passed over to spirit four weeks previous. The young women gasped and then confirmed that was exactly what had happened and that this was her uncle John who had indeed passed away four weeks previous. I then became aware of the excitement in the spirit gentleman’s voice as he told me he wanted to send his love to Yvonne and that a lady called Sandra had taken over his garden. Passing this information on to the young women who then confirmed Yvonne was the name of his wife and Sandra his daughter had taken on his allotment.

This really was a very interesting reading not just for this young lady but it also demonstrated the turning point in the mediumship.

As the sitting carried on it was to become a two way conversation between uncle and niece and at a certain point the young women became surprisingly skeptical probably because the sitting was becoming so intense and accurate to the point that the young women was finding it hard to digest. At some point she said that if this really was her uncle she would like him to tell you the names of his grand children. I could then hear him getting quite upset and frustrated before blurting out, "of cause I know the names of my grand children, Chris and Craig", he said. Well this was to end any skepticism on the part of this young women and was to confirm to me how important my mediumship was to become. At the time I only did this as a pastime normally just for family and friends but realized in time how important my ability had become and that I needed to bring this out in public and work to bring knowledge of the spirit world and comfort to as many people as I can as long as I am able.

God Bless.

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