by Julia

So recently I've been researching about kinesis powers such as hydrokinesis, telekinesis, etc. I figured if I had one of these powers it would be hydrokinesis (the power to manipulate/move water into any form or shape).

Last night I had a dream that I was sitting next to a container of water and preformed hydro-thermokinesis (the power to heat up and boil water or anything that contains water). I did a certain motion with my hand to do it: You hold your hand out and slowly close it into a fist. I got super excited and even thought to myself in the dream, "This is actually real! I actually have a power! It's not a dream, it's real!"

My dream continued with, my mom showing me some water or orange juice (I can't remember which) and said it wasn't right or something. I asked her if it was too cold or hot and she said too cold and walked away. I realized this was my chance to use my power, so I did the same hand motion and heated it up. I was so happy! I knew I had to keep it a secret though, just to be safe.

Then I woke up.

I forgot about my dream until I saw something in my room that made me remember the dream. I instantly became disappointed because I didn't really have that power. I feel like this dream may mean something. I've always felt like I had some kind of power or something... like I wasn't normal. I'm not sure.

Am I meant to have hydro-thermokinesis?

Any ideas on what it means?


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Jul 18, 2016
Mr. Starr
by: Julia

Oh wow, thank you. I'll look it up and learn more about that. Thank you again!

Jul 18, 2016
Your hands
by: Ms. Starr

Have you thought that maybe you have healing hands. Some people can lay their hands on sick persons and send healing through their hand to the patient. And their are a few healers like that. I can't heal myself, but when I lay my hands I read people. So maybe you should try do look that up and test yourself. You may not know right away what gift you have. It takes time and will develope on it's own.

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