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My Mediumship

by Elaine Thorpe
(Kent England)

I went on holiday to Ireland. I went to bed on the last night and I decided I wanted my (deceased) father in law to prove he was with us, so I asked him to prove it. I waited, nothing happened. I started relaxing, as you do to go off to sleep, when out of the blue my body slightly lifted in my stomach area and what seemed like a quiet whisper to me, was a really loud voice which woke the kids and maybe half the hotel. I was thinking I just spoke in my sleep but it was more than that I know.

After I got home I called a lady at the hypnotherapy centre and she advised me I had the gift of trance and told me of a place where I could develop this gift. It took me a lot of time to trust that it was real and not just my mind doing it. Once they had given evidence of the afterlife I accepted it and six years later I continue to demonstrate in churches and give proof that we carry on after we leave our physical body.

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