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Newbie to Mediumship

by Scott

A Mediums Love for his first Foster Dog!

A Mediums Love for his first Foster Dog!

Hi my name is Scott and I am a Clairaudient Medium. I don’t claim to be a psychic. I can’t predict the future nor can I tell you if it’s going to rain tomorrow. I can only tell you that I am new and learning this with no educational background for this gift. In January of this year I learned that I am a Clairaudient. I can hear and converse back and forth with my spirit guides (family) and angels designated to help me with healing others and bringing others through.

Not yet have I, or do I plan to, start charging people for "readings" that are unsuccessful. I only want to help people reconnect with their loved ones who have left this physical world. I want to help as many grieving families as I can help. I am not out to break people because I know what its like to be broken and broke. I also know what its like to really miss a loved one that has passed on. Now I am lucky enough to know how to talk to them all, including my parents. They and a few others including my angels help me bring people through. Though it takes about 24 hours to actually bring someone through I am not sure why. I am trying to find a method to bring people through quicker. But again, I am still learning. I am new to this whole thing and my wife and 12 yr old daughter actually was concerned that something may be medically wrong with me. I can assure nothing is wrong with me.

There are always a couple of things I need to bring someone through. I need name, town they physically lived in, and a family member’s name. Without these, it’s unsuccessful. It’s like calling "Joe Smith". How many Joe Smiths lived and died in the world? That’s a lot of Joe Smith's so it’s good to narrow it down. That’s how Angel Robert explained it. I have gotten so much information of what the spirit world is like and what jobs we will someday have when we reach the Heavens. I am in no rush to get there but I now know first hand where my place will be and what to expect. I am not famous, I have only told about 3 people about my ability and all 3 people can confirm to you that I am what I say I am. This is because I have brought their family members through and the confirmation questions that these 3 people asked were right on the dot. And they weren’t cold questions. They were questions where the answers had to be VERY detailed to make sure that the spirit that came through really was who they said they were. I could go on and on so if you would like to know more or have specific questions please feel free to contact me.

With Light and Love,

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Sep 21, 2011
How do I contact you?
by: Anonymous

I really need some help in my life. How do I contact you for a reading? Can you email me?

May 06, 2010
Dear Scott,
by: Anonymous

I wanted to let you know that I offered to pay you for a reading because you are just starting out and I agree with you on not charging people you cant help. In my spiritual belief, you cannot put a price on spirit. So I dont like the idea of charging. But we do live in different times and I know we cant be into this for free.

Sylvia Brown is the only book by a psychic I have read and I have recently found the things you are talking about on youtube. I was shocked at how she could tell parents that their son was dead on national television and have him show up alive later. I dont try to get into definitions and explanations of my gift for I feel comfortable doing what Im doing naturally without looking for a category to put myself in. The books I read were stories of her life and I believe she was a gifted psychic at one time. I believe money and power corrupted her and God took the gift away.

I am ashamed I even refered to her, but she claims to have been born with the veil and so was some of my family.

I do want to say that Im no different than anyone else on this website. Everyone here has psychic abilities and experiences. The experience with my Dad I take as Kind of a good thing, because it makes me aware of being cautious about what Im doing. We are both working from inexperience, and trying to help others. My partner wishes to write something on this website to show his experiences with my readings. I dont believe in doing readings on this website. My Dad has not passed. I believe 100% in spirtualism, and I tell things as I would with anyone else in my own words. Dont take the offering of money the wrong way, I have a few friends you could help, and I meant it to start you a cliential.

Apr 18, 2010
Just getting to write back to you now
by: Scott

Sorry I have been so busy with my paying job that I havent had time to get on the computer in weeks! So now I am back.

First I want to say that I refuse to take your money. Secondly I wanted to let you know to not read into Sylvia Brown too much. My guides informed me that she, along with a few others arent as "in tune" as they claim to be. Sylvia in particular goes on her intuition and will actually go out of her way to fabricate anything if it makes things soound more interesting. I hope you understand what I mean. If you go on youtube.com you can find some video's that clearly show that Sylvia isnt all she claims to be. And that ruins it for us, the true healers that wish to only help and not financially or emotionally break other fellow human beings.

Im very sorry to hear of the abuse that you endured during the time that you did. Sometimes evil has its way of gaining more strength which prevents the heavens from protecting us only for a short peroid of time. And thats what happened to you. Although your soul was never in danger, your physical being was being tested and abused by the demons themselves. It wasnt really your dad. They took over your dads life by starting him on the alchohol. The drinking your dad endulged in is what weakened him enough to be suseptable to demons controlling his body and soul until he passed on. But please take comfort in knowing that your dads soul and spirit is now free and very much alive both on earth and in Heaven (as I know they can travel in both places).

We all have some sort of a gift but not everyone has this gift on a high level as wished. I am only doing what I feel and what I have heard God would like me to do. Here I am at 33 with only a consistent 8 months experience in this and the last thing I want to do is let the big cheese down. We all have a purpose and as I am figuring out mine, you are doing the same. We are lucky enough to have that under our belt.

My wifes Uncle Jimmy (one of my guides) actually told me something yesterday that seemed pretty humourus that I wanted to share with you. He said "Oh yeah and tell all those that think Jesus is coming back, or rising, that he is taking a rain check." Just tell them all not to hold their breath, unless they want to meet him ofcourse" "He doesnt need to come back for we are all doing most of his work." "There are a few kinks but they will be worked out and no, there will be no Armeggedon(spelling?)" "Sorry to have bored some thrill seekers."

I thought it was pretty funny. Take care and feel free to ask me anything you wish. And if I dont write back right away its because I am working lots of hours!

With Light,

Mar 29, 2010
Thanks Again,
by: Anonymous

Scott, You know, what you told me is a God- given gift of guidance from Him to You to me. Thanks both of you.

My Guide is like, "What have we been trying to
tell you." I needed to hear it from someone on this plain. Why, I know psychics and mediums experience the same problems that everyone else does. And thanks for sharing your disability. I am a chid abuse survivor. My Dad was an alcoholic and abusive. But for the first three years of my life it was the most wonderfull light of angels and I love the Sixtys because of the happy time.

I have always been half in and half out. The eccentric, crazy, and spooky one. I have fought this gift for almost 40 years. I am now 44. I didnt have the confidence because for whatever reason mine was tampered with by violence.

My life has taken a complete turn around, and I happened to read two Silvia Brown books. I never read anything written by a psychic. She had an abusive mother and an abusive husband. She is like, "we have a right to feel angry about these things." To tamper with any child is wrong. She said that abused people get caught up in becoming people pleasers. If your family expects you to still go by their opinions and their approvals after you have become an adult; if they cant accept who you are and what you have done, then the Karma is theirs. Trying to use the same tactics as they did to control and keep things hush hush. Let God have it, and go on and become your own person. If you have to let them go for your own sanity do it.

Thats when I told God Im ready to embrace it fully and do it for good. And, Scott the activity is intense. I saw in a dream last night President O'bama speaking with the Pope. Well, I guess I'll see.

As far as the woman's father, I saw him in a flash like a camera, a minds eye. Perfectly healthy and happy. When I walked into his bedroom it was then that I saw him in the bed ailing. Looking at the bed I guess connected me to his illness and I told her a few things about that. I just remembered I told her he did not dwell on this plane, but I felt at the wall next to the bed was a portal from which he entered.

I see the door to the next world right a few feet away slightly above us. Like a slash. A dark lash seperating. On the other side, I see a bright gold light and sometimes people are standing at the door. Talking, laughing, waiting.

The other day I decided to see who was there. A somewhat heavy guy with a flowery type Hawaiian shirt was talking to a dark-haired woman, I sensed she had been a hippie chick. The man had the 1980's feathered looked haircut with redhair. I will open and have a talk from now own.

If I need ya sometime Ill pay ya friend. And recommend you to those needing ya.

Thanks again, God Bless You, Brother.

Mar 28, 2010
Reply to "Hey Scott"
by: Scott

Hey there. Thanks for the compliment. I just got your message about what you have so far experienced with your ability. First let me tell you that no one is perfect in our world or the spirit world. Imperfection is what makes each of us unique even in spirit. I have a learning disability which does make things a little more difficult for me to communicate but I dont let that get in the way of my life purpose, helping people.

As far as how you are seeing spirits, I was told by my mother, who has passed, that they no longer suffer or have ailments in anyway once they have crossed over. Their bodies go through a series of healing once they have accepted their fate and passed the gates. And yes there are gates from what one of my angels said.

I do know that when a spirit first comes through to me I feel how they died. Whether stroke, cancers of different kinds, heart attacks, etc... thats how they identify themselves to me until I acknowledge their presence. Then the feeling will fade. But not their energy!lol. I find it interesting that you are seeing a spirits ailment.

As far as your question to where you go from here.
Deep in your heart you know that your intent is pure and good in all aspects. Dont question yourself or worry. Just go with it. There will be people that judge you. Then there will be people that worship you. What matters is that God and the Angels love you and have given you a job to do. As long as you continue your newly found gift with all the light and love that God gave you to share, you will always bring peace, joy, and closure to the ones that truely seek it.

Just keep doing the great work and be positive. Your results may not always be what you wish but in the end you will always have accomplished something. I hope I answered your question and let me know if you have more. I am happy to answer.

Mar 27, 2010
Hey Scott
by: Anonymous

I'm glad to see a Sensitive Sensitive. I really
love what you wrote about not chargeing the ones you cant help. I feel like you and I associate with being new.

I decided about two months ago to use this ability and try to help others who are hurting to verify or find closure about loved ones. It runs in our family and several years ago I began to do readings for friends. I cant predict the future. As for myself, I dont like the word fortune teller. I am very accurate but I try to turn it on and off.

I've done one walk through for a lady. Described the spirit of her father. The room that was his I walked straight too and told her I felt a male spirit and described him in pajamas and sick. I told her some emotional details that made her smile. I told her he was there to protect her grandson. She smiled and we went outside and said this guy has a gift. She showed me his picture and it was the guy I was seeing.

For me, like same names run together, sometimes features run together from all those I pick up on. So I have to center in on a detail that comes next to focus back on.

I've cleaned two houses, but I wont go into detail.

My partner gets verification on my abilities daily. Like the first time he ever saw spirits. He must love me, he hasnt run.

I want to use this to help. I have a big heart and I care for people, but I have my faults and my weaknesses. Should I accept Im not perfect and go on. Or should I take my time opening back up to this and let spirit quide. Some have different opinions.

What about you? Thanks

Mar 13, 2010
You really helped me!
by: Anonymous

Hi there. I'm sure you are now getting a lot of customers because you are very good at what you do. I know because you gave me a pretty in depth reading a few weeks back. You say that you are new at this but you are better than all the other mediums I have had readings by. You were right on the nose with what I needed and also made me feel better at the end of it all. When I asked that my mom come through to communicate, you did just that! For you to have a gift that allows us to communicate with our loved ones that have passed away is something indescribable. You were so accurate and the only thing I gave you to work on was her name, my name, and her date of birth. Now I didn't get to ask you this but you mentioned to me that your angels help you get them through. How does that happen? I really appreciate all you did for me and those two hours made such a difference. there was an emptiness in my heart for so long and because of you its filled with love and I now know that my mom is not suffering at all anymore.

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