Psychic Mediumship Realization

by Laura Moore

Psychic Medium Laura Moore

Psychic Medium Laura Moore

An astonishing traumatic event marked the beginning of my realization of my gift of being a psychic medium. My father was killed in a horrifying car accident. And I had driven right by, not knowing my father was the victim of this hit and run. He had been walking and a careless driver wasn’t watching the roads that day and took his life.

I began to see and hear messages from my passed father and when my grandfather passed away soon after I experienced the same unexplained messages. Later I began to see and feel others who had passed over. At first I was confused by this unannounced and unknown gift but as time went on I knew I was receiving these messages to help others and explain the unheard.

This happened in 1993 and I have been doing readings all over the world since.

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