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Speaking With the Deceased

by Bobbiejo

My unusual story of speaking with the deceased begins when I was 22. I lived with my (then) boyfriend. Tragically he lost both his sister and brother before I had ever met him. He never showed me any pictures of his sister and only showed me one picture of his brother.

One night we both fell asleep on the couch and I was awakened by two figures standing by the TV. Then both of them relayed a message to me telepathically. It was as if I were reading their thoughts. They told me to wake him up and make him go to bed. During this experience I was in a state of total relaxation and peace. However, I could not compromise what I was seeing. I turned my head to the side and fell back to sleep.

Then I was awakened by both of them again. This time they were standing next to the couch. They were persistent in relaying to me that he must wake up. This time I sat up and checked all around the couch to make sure I hadn't maybe left a cigarette lit or something that would catch fire. I saw nothing but I woke him up and we went to bed.

I didn't tell him anything about my visitation until the next day. He didn't believe me until I described his sister and what she was wearing. He then took me to his family’s home and pulled out a picture of his sister and he said I described her to a tee. And even stranger was she was wearing the same clothes that she had on the night they found her dead.

I am a 37 year old mother of 3 and that was the first of many experiences of my speaking with the deceased.

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