What Is My Psychic Ability? The Simple Ways To Reveal Your 6th Senses

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What Is My Psychic Ability?
The 3 main 6th-senses are: Clairvoyance = The ability to receive visual psychic impressions. Clairaudience = The ability to receive auditory psychic impressions.  Claircognizance = The ability to receive a telepathic knowingness.

How do you know if you have psychic abilities?
Everyone has psychic abilities at some level, but most people are simply not aware of them, do not believe in them, or have an unfounded fear in them. There are several ways to know about your own type and level of psychic awareness. 1) Get some advice from a professional psychic who can tune into your natural clair senses. 2) Browse this complete list of divinatory capacities to see what may truly resonate with your own experiences. 3) Post your question below to get some free feedback on the Psychic Junkie Website.


What Is My Psychic Ability?

My name is Tom (from Everett, WA USA) and I have an unclassified psychic ability.  I make things up that come true.  I have lots of examples, but my first one went like this: 

I was working the nightshift at a communications company and met the night janitor downstairs.  As he came towards me, he was flashing a $10 dollar bill.  I said, "what's going on" and he replied that he got overpaid at the gas pump by the attendant.

Next, I said "you better take it back".  He refused.  So, I told him what had happened to me once I was overpaid, just like him.

Here is what I said (I made it all up!).

  1. First, you will run out of gas.
  2. Next, you will have a flat tire.
  3. Then your car will get run into.
  4. Finally, your transmission on your car will go out.

He shook his head and left.

Monday rolls around and I saw him again.  This time he was waving his finger at me and calling me a jinx.  I admit, I forgot what I told him, then he relayed his misfortune that he ran out of gas and got a flat tire.

I said, "better take the money back".  Around the end of the week. he relayed that his car got ran into in a parking lot at the community college.  I said again "take the money back".  Then he approached me several days later and would not make eye contact. I said, "you took the money back, didn't you"?  Yes, was the answer.

So, readers - what is what is my psychic ability?  

Comments About: What Is My Psychic Ability?

Hi Tom, love your post. I would say this could be either (or both) of two things. Either you are extraordinarily strong as a predictive psychic without knowing it, or you are a powerhouse with the law of attraction. If it is predictive psychic ability, and you say you were just making things up, it could be that what you thought was just imagination was rather an extraordinarily strong intuition that you are not aware of. Whatever ability it is it would be worth making up some cool dreams and goals for yourself.  - Ian

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