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Develop Psychic Skills

by Eileen

Develop Psychic Skills

Develop Psychic Skills

Should I develop psychic skills? This is to everyone who is asking the same questions. And I so much hope there will be someone who can give an answer.

There used to be times when I was crying and praying that this stops. There used to be times when I've been hoping to "see"...
So what do I do? How do I stop it? Or may be how do I develop psychic skills and should I do it?

It's hard to live with it, to explain it and even understand it yourself. Now I have proves that there is something different in me but I still don't know how it happens and what I should do with "it".

It started when I was little.

I was not paying too much attention on my abilities until it was way too much of a coincidence.

So, what is happening? Well...

1. Dreams that come true or dreams of things that already happened but I have no knowledge of.

2. "Dreams" where I see and talk to spirits, travel out in space and see the entrance to "Heaven" and "Hell"

3. Just know what is going to happen in near future or what had happen in near past. Sometimes I am saying things that I myself have no idea why I am telling them, it just feels like you cannot stop talking whether you like it or not.

4. Once I even saw the ghost of a dead person sitting in the park - spooky...

(5. Once I saw a UFO but may be this is not to be shared here...)

For now it narrows down only to family members or people close to me. I am still learning how to interpret and somehow to distinguish the different dreams and feelings.

Recently I dreamed things that haven't come true yet or maybe I haven't understood what exactly the meaning/warning is...

I really had times thinking that something is very wrong with me. It still is a struggle but somehow I learned that there is something out there and we don't have to be afraid of it but I am still kind of scared of the unknown...

Do I have to give examples? It will be hard to pick one of all that happened to me because it's going to be very long story to write if I have to tell all.

Ok, let me just mention one of the latest dreams. It has to do with my grandfather. I saw his death certificate while he was still alive and then someone said to leave it for now because he has little more time to live. It turned out that on the day I saw this he was hospitalized and almost died but miraculously survived.

I also kept seeing over and over a giant gray heart that suddenly bursts and stops beating. As it turned out later my grandfather died the same year I saw on the certificate in my dream and the reason was that the hearth burst (that is how my aunt explained it to me).

A little bit later I saw him holding my grandmother’s hand (also dead) and both of them slowly walked towards... somewhere. This was the last time I saw any of them.


I can help you to Develop Psychic Skills

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