Inherited Psychic Ability

by Jereca

My mom was a gifted psychic, before she passed away, she told me what's gonna happen in the future and it all occurred exactly as what said. She could read the future just by looking at a person.

At the age of 18, I experienced seeing a ghost, while when my mom died, the day before her passing I can't even stand up due to headaches and tension. When my dad passed away, I have been having a gut feeling that dad will die soon, unexpectedly when I came home my husband was waiting at the door telling me that PA died at the mall while sitting on a bench due to heart attack, he was young only 55.

Every time an eye of a hurricane passes by the place, I always sleep with a headache. Before a 5 scale earthquake happened I had vomiting and migraine.

Lately, I have noticed that two people that made me upset before passed away suddenly due to chronic illness.

Most of my co-workers that irritate me get bad luck every time I get mad at them.

Could it be a coincidence? or do I have the ability?

Lastly we moved in a new office (the office is in a 30 year old building), there's two division far away from each other dividing the sections for work. The other room is well lit and pristine however, two office mates passed away unexpectedly, one due to cancer that brought her to ICU dying only after a month when she found out it was TERMINAL. After two years a young male who is very healthy, passed away of cardiac arrest. One co-worker has a sudden accident. and one got sick badly(lupus).

Now we are moving in that room, I am very worried.

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Aug 13, 2010
higher brain functions
by: Michael

The source of this gift we all seem to posses has something to do with magnetic currents. There are 7 different main frequencies that every person 'makes' all the time. These are pushed out of tune in the presence of magnetic monopoles and or things like hurricanes or ufos. Your subconscious mind is working overtime to invade the mind of people you both love and hate whenever you look into their eyes. Without knowing it you can program people to fate themselves in certain ways if your mind is stronger than theirs. Alien Grays use this to control unsuspecting humans but consciously.
All I can tell you is pay attention to your morals before anything, and then everything you do in life to use this power. Make it stronger by sleeping under the window with cool humid air. Learn about the science of improving your abilities with magnetic frequencies. 611 hz for example is a dna healer. Simply rotating magnets on a wheel can tune your brain like a piano if you know what you're doing. I've found that ley lines improve my power about 200% if I'm near or especially on one.

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