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Is Glimpsing Psychic

by Christopher
(Toronto, Canada)

Psychic  Glimpsing

Psychic Glimpsing

Is my glimpsing a psychic ability? When I refer to "Glimpsing", an example would be, I will not able to shake a scene from any random, obscure TV show out of my head. Then later on in the day I'd go to a friends home and discover that on the TV would not only be the show that was stuck in my head, it would be the exact scene.

Several times a day when relaxed I will take notice of various thoughts or observations while going about my business only to be confronted or exposed to them later on the in the day.

Another would be I'll be humming a song from the 70's,that hasn't been heard or been on air for 20 yrs then later on it would be playing in a restaurant that I've never been to before. The level of coincidence in my day to day life is staggering.

No, I can't buy lucky lotto tickets or predict earthquakes or anything like that. I'm not clairvoyant; I just get quick glimpses or shards of something that I will experience very soon. I'll be honest, I'm a 39 yrs old man, without mental illness, do not drink or use recreational drugs of any kind. Yet, I'm astonished when my Glimpsing problem surfaces. I've told nobody about these issues.

So if your experiencing anything like this, have heard about it, or you know how to bring focus to this problem, please let me know.

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Nov 17, 2010
Me too
by: Anonymous

Happens to me every so often about the smallest insignificant things and I forget after a while, then it happens and I remember it. I called it sight, but glimpsing is a better word, I think

Aug 08, 2010
its called 'law of attraction"
by: Anonymous

it happens with me too..
actually there is a thing called "LAW OF ATTRACTION"..according which we end up attracting everything we think ..u should check out the movie.."THE SECRET"..
it explains the law..
i guess intuition and attraction work closely..
and dont worry at all ur not atall crazy..:)

Jul 08, 2010
sounds cliche but the EXACT same thing happens with me!!
by: April

Oooohhh Myyyy Gossshh! This is EXACTLY what happens to me. Im 19 and have NEVER tried alcohol or drugs (very rare for a person from gen x) everything you described happens to me. Now I finally know what to call it. Glimpsing just sounds right. This occurs at least once a week, and I dont consider myself psychic but maybe I am? I dont know all I know is I'm not trying to come off as "special" or different.

You should read my post on here, it explains a few things that happened to me that are similar to yours. I have dozens and dozens of instances but only a few I wrote. Like when I randomly remembered I used to watch gumby then 2 days later I read a yahoo bews article saying the creator of gumby died! Not to say my glimpsing predicts death cus this is the only one that had to do with someone dying. Sorry I cant help you though, idk what it is either :( I'm truly amazed at some of the things I think of that happen within days sometimes the same day. I just wanna know what its called so I can research it!!!

Apr 18, 2010
Dear Christopher,
by: Anonymous

I have these same quick glimpsess also. Its like a flashing camera taking images and symbols before I do a reading, and during the reading. I would not call myself a clairvoyant. I really dont know what category Im placed in.

I have medium abilities, and when I hold someones hand I begin to have flashes of the spirit. Soon I know that the spirit is there and where he or she is standing. I keep my eyes closed and if the person wants to know something, I will ask the soul for a response, or vise versa.

I dont experience full body, talking spirits. I can describe them as the images flash over and over. I do some very accurate discriptions of the soul that comes to them. Ive done a couple of walk throughs were I have done all the common things a medium does. I feel where the activity is, and I describe the spirit, the situation, the reason the spirit is there, any messages and so on. I have quite a bit of paranormal things going on that are just signs that they are around. But I dont experience the same things these psychics on TV do. I know exactly what you are describing because it has always been that way about TV shows, songs, the phone, knowing things that were going to happen to my personal friends and family.

Yet, Im not good at predicting the future. Im average when someone ask me about something thats going to happen in the future.

If I have a purpose with this gift, its just providing confirmation that we do live on. I believe what one of the psychics on this web says, "To become more psychic, you have to grow spiritually." Im in the process.

I dont think what you are experiencing will go away, and you cant harness it. I try to learn as much about it to deal with it. I chose to embrace it, but I have the things Ive got to do everyday to go through life, and I cant stop and Channell? everytime there is a knocking at the door. I dont believe in making myself into a lucrative business. I think God will take the gift away very quickly. I dont like the idea of being occupied by an entity like some mediums. Ive never had one of these spirits ask me to take them to the light. I dont understand that.

But, Im glad I saw your story. All I can say is Ive used it quite successfully just the way it is.

Apr 18, 2010
This is happening to many of us right now
by: Lindsey

This is happening to many of us now as our awareness is increasing. This happens frequently to me also, usually with very small things. As well as constant de ja veu. At this point in my life sometimes it will be throughout the entire day!! Songs, shows, everything.I also have had visions and dreams about other very small things that happen for example, small conversations about a fax machine, people talking about leapord print. I suppose these have been people I hadn't met yet when having the dreams and visions which is interesting at least. I think what is happening though is that the Universe is giving us signs that we are on the "right path" or we're "spiritually alligned" with what we are supposed to be doing, or want to do. This ties into the noticing 11:11 frequently also at least for me. Just take it as you are moving in the right direction. This is also something to do with the current transition we are making into a higher frequency. You aren't crazy I promise.

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