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Psychic Ability Growing Strong

by Julia
(Los Angeles, CA, United States)

I am now fourteen; a year has passed since I wrote a story about my lucid dreams. I am still not sure if it is real or if my mind is playing tricks. I have had many more dreams that tell me the future of others and all have never failed to occur. I have grown from having psychic dreams of my loved ones that come into reality to dreams that come to reality for those whom are only known to me. More surprisingly I dream deaths.

My mother's side has a great history of 'curanderos'. Curanderos are alike shaman. Curanderos often use natural remedies to cure illnesses and their primary method of healing is the supernatural. This is because they believe that the cause of many illnesses are lost malevolent spirits, a lesson from God, or a curse. So my mother, and now myself, have these weird experiences.

So as I was saying earlier, my ability compare to last year seems advancing. I dream deaths which is very frightening. The first dream of a death was for my grandfather - I met him when I was 1yr old and never saw him again. He is very important to my mother so maybe I had this dream because she’s important to me and for that reason I somehow connected. My mother had dreamt the same thing but with a different scene. What I dreamed was that I opened a door and I ended up standing beside a bed in a dark room. As I observed closely I saw that it was a man but he was dead. What still captures my attention is how everything was black except my grandfather who was sort of glowing. I didn't know he was my grandfather when I dreamed about him because, as I said, it is impossible for me to remember him. Two days later we received a call from one of my aunts letting us know he had died while he was having an exchange of blood. Coincidence? I am not sure what to believe.

Not only in lucid dreams but for some reason I keep seeing things and I am still not sure if it is a psychic ability. I moved recently to a big house, it is renovated, but you are able to see it is not very new. I think there are spirits here and so does one of my elder brothers. I am still to figure what is going on but I swear it is not normal. I read that when you’re in a home that is 'possessed' you breathe hard because you’re unable to breathe. It happens to me for some reason in one of the house’s rooms, the vibe is very different. I think it is haunted but I am not much of a fearful person.

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