Psychic Development Key

by Kathleen

How to REALLY find your 'inner calm' - the key to Psychic Development . I'll start by saying I am, by my very nature, a worrier. I can be highly strung, tense, anxious and overly critical. All of these things I admit freely and embrace as there is nothing I can do to change them.

However, as a teenager, maybe 14 if memory serves me well, I realised that these characteristics were going to stand in my way if I wanted to develop the Psychic skills I had been blessed with. I would spend hours sitting in a quiet, dimly lit room trying desperately to contact my 'inner calm' only to find myself worrying about how long I had spent trying and thinking "oh I can’t do this, it’s never going to happen". In short, I was my own worst enemy. Anyone recognising themselves yet?

After trying various ways of 'tuning in' I found the best way by far was simply to STOP TRYING. Ok, this sounds easy I know, and obvious. But have you ever tried to actually stop thinking, I mean really stop all thoughts and just be still? It’s so hard. Even harder if you are the kind of person (as most naturally gifted people are by the way) that can’t help pondering on life’s mysteries, or can’t help trying to read between the lines of a given situation. Also, have you ever thought to yourself, I'm just going to think of black space, that’s nothing right? Wrong. If you purposely think of black're thinking of black space - get it? You have to let black space become you, surround you and take over you. You cannot be in control of how it enters your mind.

Once I found my inner silence, I found that almost instantly, I began connecting with others in such a way that I could read for them with ease. It now takes me around 5 minutes to successfully connect with an individual (that’s what 20 years of practise does for you!).

Keeping the connection is the thing I am still perfecting but no one’s perfect!!!

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Nov 22, 2012
My Psychic Experiences
by: Misty Woodard

My experiences with psychic healing, energy flow, telepathy, and clairvoyance. Hello, my name is Misty Woodard, a professional psychic counselor and teacher, and I have about fifteen years of psychic experience. I specialize in psychic healing and clairvoyance, but I also do spirit channeling, chakra and energy flow, and more. Most days my daily psychic experiences are so commonplace that I take them as normal occurrences. I run an online How To Become Psychic in 14 Days course that you can look at on

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