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Being Professionally Psychic

by Cary Wade King
(Athens, Ala.)

Professionally Psychic

Professionally Psychic

I began life with a photographic memory. I explained in detail at 1 1/2 years of age my mothers miscarriage; the room, her coming from the bathroom, and the call to my father. I remember being quite and easily picking up on feelings and emotions in people. I walked and learned to talk very quickly. I was what you considered a hypersensitive child.

My grandmother and several of her uncles and aunts where born with the veil over their faces. They could see things vividly from the past play out before their eyes, even if it was a man in an 17th century carriage riding down roads that are no longer used today. One of her maternal uncles gave readings and would call his clients by name when they came to the door.

Even though my grandmother was a Primitive Baptist I don't believe she realized that her gift was condemned by her faith, yet she used it. If she said something would happen it would. She was definitely a medium. She often saw deceased family members and unknown spirits standing at the foot of her bed.

She spoke about it but never cared if anyone felt she was crazy. Her mind stayed as sharp as her Irish eyes until she passed. When I experienced similar things, she told me not to be afraid of what I saw or knew.

This has followed me throughout my life and I've been labeled as crazy but their still here. At a later age in my life I began to try to read cards but I feel most anyone can do that. I did some readings for people if they asked and most all of them were accurate at the time.

It was not until my heart told me to make these more personal by taking the persons hand and closing my eyes that I found it was more of a gift. I pray to connect personally to that person and pray that it helps them in some way. I found that I was having flashing images of relatives and souls near them. I describe them and begin to see events and details surrounding the soul and the people I'm reading. There is usually a message or issue that they give the person.

Sometimes the departed just wish them to know that they are happy and sometimes joke.

I astral travel at night during lucid dreaming. But the thing that seems always happening to me is being surrounded by spirits. They make themselves known by flashing lights on and off, flushing the toilet, rapping on doors; especially at my front door. My cat senses them a lot and I saw what I believe was the spirit of my cousin who died Christmas Eve. It was the following night at the foot of my bed that I saw her shape in a cloudy form.

These things generally happen when I'm by myself. Yet, recently the spirits are making themselves known in the presence of others. A few weeks ago a friend of mine and myself sat at his kitchen table and the table began to shake. It kind of frightened him. The next day the cup and saucer began to shake in front of us.

I want to use this to help people yet I'm not so sure I have the confidence to take it on. I did ask God if he wishes me to do so I will. Things are now happening more frequently. I'm mentioning things in casual conversation and people reply, "Its funny you said that because.....How did you know this person did.....?"

My concern is that not all these spirits give me a good feeling. I call them scraglers that just seem to want to come around and stay. I use sage, cedar, and sweetgrass in native american tradition to cleanse the house. I'm never rude or challenging but they do come back if I have done a reading or try to sense them telepathically.

I'm not sure I'm prepared fully because it is tiring. I need some guidance on how I can do this to help but be able to contain those that latch on. Because from all I understand and have heard this is all part of it.

Any help would be very much appreciated. The strangest thing that happens at times is when I close my eyes, I can still see the room as if my eyes are opened! That began happening over the past year or so.

Thanks For Reading,


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Feb 27, 2011
Thank You
by: Heather

I was looking up photographic memory relating to psychic abilities and I came across your post. I am 25 years old and I am finally getting some answers as to why I pick up peoples energies, having psychic dreams, and knowing something was going to happen 5 seconds before it happened. Lately I have been working on the walls and barriers for my mind with a simple cleansing ritual. I would close my eyes and imagine myself being cleansed of the black negative energy from head to toe. I would start at the head and imagine black liquid dripping onto the group and being soaked up by Mother Earth. Then I would start at the head again but add the shoulders...imagine the black negative energy falling to the ground in a puddle and being soaked up. Then stat again from the head and include the shoulders and chest and keep going from there. This has actually shed a lot of the negative energy that was stored up in me from people in my life that were negative and also negative energies from the spirit world.

I have also been reading and educating myself with positive energies and positive religions like Taoism, Buddhism, and other peaceful religions. I feel that surrounding yourself with a positive light tends to make you feel better throughout the day and keeps negative energies away.

One other thing I have been doing is when I am going out in public, say to a crowded mall or restaurant, is imagining a blue egg shape shield around yourself starting from the head to the toes.... it will keep out energies you don't want to pick up but let other positive energies in

I hope you found this useful. I am just glad that I found this information on my journey of self realization.

Thank you so much!



Mar 26, 2010
Prayers Welcomed.
by: Cary Wade King

Today a sister of mine was sent to the hosptal. She has the gift so much stronger than mine. She is on and intubation tube and has fought emphazyma for many years. I would appreciate any prayers you can send her way. I know she will feel them all.

Thanks to all my brothers and sisters. My brothers and sisters are from everywhere! All over the world!!!. Thanks for all the prayers that will come even if she goes. For I wish not to KNOW. For she is a soulmate that came to teach me; my best friend!

I love ya all,
Peace and best wishes.

Thanks in Cherokee and Metokeya Oyasin.
All my relations.

God speed and Creator Bless.

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