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Learn Psychic Abilities with Meditation

Learn Psychic Abilities with Meditation ... by Psychic Princess.

A mediative state is essential to learn psychic abilities or develop telepathy.

In regards to meditation for psychic development, there are three distinct stages




The more that we focus our attention to a certain sense (one of the five), the more our information comes in via that sense, making the other senses less important and perhaps even completely “ignorable”.

The ability of the human mind to modify and focus our conscious attention at will, is the basic mechanism of mental concentration and in this way, we are able to centre upon an object without allowing our mind to wander for a certain period of time. Unfortunately, the mental state of most people trying to learn to be psychic or to develop telepathy in this day and age is dispersed and scattered, jumping almost uncontrollably from one thought to another. The mind is “transformed” into the shape of the object which is being perceived and so we must take care with what we choose to meditate upon as our mind will take on the likeness of the subject and thus will be transformed into that.

The mind is a continual flow of movement much like the wind or the ocean, movement of thought and emotion. When this movement stops, the air is still there but the wind has disappeared, the ocean remains but without the crashing of the waves. When we stop the minds mental patterns, we enter the “no-mind” - alpha state meditation - which is the state of highest creativity and spiritual intuition. This mediative state is essential to learn psychic abilities or develop telepathy.

In order to truly have control over our minds for meditation for psychic development, we must be able to focus at will and maintain that focus for long periods without forcing it to stay focused and this can only be achieved with patience, calm and humour. Over time using these qualities we can learn to maintain our concentration until we can resonate with the corresponding meditation energy, transferring that energy into our being.

During meditation, the mind is like a mirror, whose only activity is to reflect the energies around us and as we learn to meditate, we will begin to gradually grasp the fact that everything is sustained by invisible energy that we can feel and control without too much effort. This resonance and attunement with subtle psychic energies is the beginning you need to learn psychic abilities or develop telepathy.

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Learn Psychic Abilities with Meditation ... by Psychic Princess

Every failed attempt at meditation for psychic development has a cumulative effect that will lead to success. In the beginning, the mind is unstable and wanders consistently but at some point, there will come a stage during in which your mind no longer loses concentration and serenity is achieved. Once this state has been attained, any type of meditation is achievable.

Psychic Princess, can personally guide you in meditation for psychic development. She is a professional clairvoyant, adept in channeling, mediumship and reading the tarot spiritually.

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