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Psychic Ability Help

by Kylie

Please if anyone has any idea what kind of psychic ability this is please tell me and tell me where to read up on it:

1) I am an empath so I can feel other people's feelings yes but it's more than that, I can feel people deepest parts of their heart. I can tell if a person is good at heart about and if they're up to anything. Like their denying things to themselves or others.

2) It's like I have a 2nd set of eyes and ears. I never see or hear anything with my physical ears or see them. But in my mind's eye I guess I see them clearly and their past. I hear them too.

3) I can read everyone, even online people. No matter what I know if they are lying or if they are truthful. I can just read people so easily.

4) I've always been different, somehow everyone else can tell to.

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Jul 31, 2015
Also Wondering
by: Anonymous

I’ve been searching for what I am as well. I know I am an empath, as I can stare and focus on someone and suddenly I get waves of different emotions.

What I have not been able to explain is how, when I focus on someone, I can feel physically what they are feeling also.

A few weeks ago, my friends and I had just used a Ouija board — it led to some paranormal/psychic conversation, because one of my friends has medium abilities. I brought up that I can feel what others feel, and they found it interesting.

A different friend, who was there, one who had not used the board out of fear, asked me to try it on her. I focused on her, and my heart rate sped up, and my chest had a strange "caving" feeling. That was the only way I could describe it.
I told her I could tell she was cooling down from having been in the presence of us using a Ouija board, and (expecting I was going to look like an idiot) said, "I feel a weird caving feeling in my chest, also."

She jumped back like, two feet. She said that the cooling down was obvious, so she expected me to be joking. But when I said "caving" feeling in her chest, she said it was not only what she was feeling — but exactly what she was thinking of to describe it.

So, I can read people's emotions and feel them, but what about physically feeling someone? When focusing on someone my whole demeanor changes. It’s like I’m a different person altogether. Sometimes unintentionally.

May 15, 2011
From someone who knows.
by: Anonymous

There are 6 different abilities that belong into the physic categorie. Extra sensory happens to be included in all of them. Theres no exact name for what you're explaining... just extra censory. Everyone has physic abilties, just at different levels. You'r perception is most likeley broader then what we refer to as "normal" people. Depending on your perception and level this can either blossom or fade away, but in in reality its your choice. Instead of asking what people think online you're next move should be to see a medium. Weather if you want it to fade or not, it's important to understand what level of perception you are at. A medium would be able to help you have understanding with both the ability you posses and yourself.

Nov 26, 2010
me too
by: Gaz

I from a very early age have had the ability, to sense someones emotional state, anger, sadness, happiness, even pain. But the other thing I can do is look at someones face then stare into their eyes.
This opens a whole new world to me. I can see right into the subject.
I instantly know if they are bad, good, devious, hiding something, lying.
It has become like a curse to me and I cannot look everyone in the eyes. Because some of the time I don't like what I see.
Since the world of the internet, I can now do it with peoples pictures.
I tell people about this ability and they always ask me to do it.
But what I tell them is so accurate, I think it freaks them out.
I never tell anything anything bad. But just give them a synopsis of their personality, what the expect from a partner and sometimes objects that are significant.

Mar 24, 2010
It's Real
by: Anonymous

It's called Claircognizance....I have always had it, but always felt like I was a "fake" because it wasn't the traditional psychic abilities everyone talks about...I just always knew what people were feeling, who was lying, or denying themselves, or even what relationships would work and which would break up....I was so relieved to find that my ability was REAL! Hope that helps

Sep 22, 2009
"Read People"
by: Anonymous

I'm kind of like you i can read people too.and i know when they're really hard because i don't know what it's called and i don't even know if it's true or not but I've been investigating for a long time.I'm 12, so i guess i have my whole life.i have told only my BFF's and i know that they don't believe it completely.i don't know what the ability is called if you find out please notify me(comment).i know that I'm different but the thing is i like being different. i LIKE to stand out.i also study Astrology and I'm an Aquarius and Uranus is my planet so i am really interested in science especially psychic kind of stuff.
(Uranus sounds funny,today in class i learned that the butt part is called the "Anus" and UR + ANUS = your butt,lol!)

Feb 03, 2009
Got an Answer for You
by: theparanormal


I just want you to know that your not alone darling... I'm Liz, I can predict an accurate future in visions, I can somewhat read minds, the creepiest one, I can see, hear, and contact the dead (ghosts and spirits). But I also know what you mean about picking up on peoples hearts. I can do that too. Except I refer to it as seeing their souls. I know when people are denying the truth; I read them like a book. In my mind I hear their deep pasts, presents, and the overall nature of the person. I can see what mistakes they will make in the future, and whatnot. I too do not know what it is called, but I pick up on what is called people's "auras". Basically it's their overall nature and way of life. I think that's what you can read and see, auras. Ya I know your power probably creeps you out. It's hard to be different. Trust me, I've been possessed by demons 3 times, and no one ever knows what's wrong with me... that I have a psychic ability that brings good and evil spirits to me. Talk about being different! e-mail me if you wanna talk! proud2balarkin @ aim . com

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