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A wealth of divination and psychic development articles are readily available to you in these pages. Most are guest posted by expert and emerging advisors. You will find them suitable for beginners and advanced students of the metaphysical arts.

In these resourceful pages you can find your way to the most suitable paths for opening and further developing your own personal divination and psychic capability. 

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Psychic Development - The First Steps

Psychic Development - The First Steps
Your first steps involve practicing several intuitive skills, starting with simple divination and working up. A good explanation is to compare this to learning to play a musical instrument: Music theory. Instrument familiarity. Practicing scales. Learn more > >

How Can A Psychic Read The Truth About People?

How Can A Psychic Read The Truth About People?
When an authentic psychic reads your fortune and tells the future about you or other people, they are using one of the three clairs. Clairvoyance or clear seeing. Clairaudience or clear hearing. Clairsentience or clear feeling. And then there's pure intuition. Learn more > >

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

How To Start Developing Your Psychic Abilities
To help you become masterful with your innate psychic gift ParaLarry has put together six exercises on how to start developing your psychic abilities. Learn beginner steps in meditation, gut instinct, self-trust, awareness, journaling, and putting your ego on ice. Learn more > >

Help With Your Psychic And Mediumship Development

Help To Develop Psychic Abilities And Mediumship Skills
Some people believe that those, who conduct this work, are born with these abilities. Others believe that each of us already has these abilities, but they lay dormant and unrecognized. Let’s explore your own psychic and mediumship development together. Learn more > >

How To Develop Different Types Of Psychic Powers

How To Develop Different Types Of Psychic Powers
You can learn how to develop different types of psychic powers for yourself with this easy introduction. While some people are naturally more sensitive or gifted than others, I have found that with a little encouragement, just about everyone has some ESP. Learn more > >


A Guide On How To Become A Psychic Medium

A Guide On How To Become A Psychic Medium
ParaLarry has put together a guide on how to become a psychic medium. This will, at the very least, get you started on the right track to developing your gift. There are 10 steps to follow that will help in developing and strengthening your gift. Learn more > >

My Cat Helped Me Develop My Mediumship Abilities

My Cat Helped Me Develop My Mediumship Abilities.
I started to notice Gracie acting rather odd. Gracie would become so focused on certain areas of my apartment. It was as if she was looking up into nowhere and acting strangely. Learn more > >

A Psychic Mediumship Course You Will Have Fun With

A Psychic Mediumship Course You Will Have Fun With
When we grow up, we learn to use our mind more than our heart. This leaves you disconnected from your intuition and doubting when your heart speaks to you. As well as a full Psychic Mediumship Course, I can give you some free help to train your intuition today. Learn more > >


Pendulum Divination Develops Intuition

Pendulum Divination Develops Intuition
Pendulum dowsing is one of the most common and easiest ways to improve your intuition and psychic perception. Do not underestimate its usefulness and power - your pendulum can help you find both the right questions as well as provide the answers. Learn more > >

An Exercise of Intuitive Spiritual Healing

An Exercise of Intuitive Spiritual Healing
Think about a person or a situation you are currently having an issue with. Set your intention to heal or release this person or situation. You can call upon your Higher Awareness to provide the answers you need in this exercise. Learn more > >

How To Develop Your Intuition In 10 Minutes!

How To Develop Your Intuition In 10 Minutes!
Wow are you serious? Yes, it truly takes ten minutes to begin really opening up to the energies and spirits around you that want to talk to you, and give you helpful information, to ease your journey in life. Read on about how to develop your intuition in 10 mins. Learn more > > 


Understanding Chakra Meanings And Their Healing Powers

Understanding Chakra Meanings And Their Healing Powers
These centers of life force allow the universal vibration and energy to connect you to the ‘divine source and your higher self’, allowing your intuition to be opened. With these chakra meanings you can be more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Learn more > >


Developing Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

Will Developing Extra Sensory Perception Make You Supernatural?
Why develop your sixth sense? Will developing extra sensory perception make you supernatural? ESP is innate and quite natural. At a higher level, everything is inter-connected, and the access to those connections requires the use of your psychic awareness. Learn more > >


How to See Auras for the First Time

How to See Auras for the First Time

Thanks to Kirlian photography it is generally accepted that this energy field exists. However, unless you can see them, this knowledge is of no use to you. Low light, a certain distance and an angled gaze will help you to start seeing auras for the first time. Learn more > >


Being An Empath Is As Exhausting As It Is Rewarding

Being An Empath Is As Exhausting As It Is Rewarding
Of all the psychic gifts, being an empath is probably one of the more exhausting and rewarding. Imagine walking into any room and feeling residual energy from those that have been there as well as the active energy of those in the room. Learn more > >

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