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Psychic Power

by Ani Kail

I’m not really a psychic in the sense that I can necessarily see spirits or predict the future. Sometimes I get the normal stuff like that though, but usually just little flashes. Anyways, I’m not sure what my gifts are called. I am not sure if they exist or if I just have an overactive imagination, I don’t think that’s the case but you can decide.

I was working on healing for a while, my mom has awful cramps and with a lot of effort I can help her a lot actually, but it’s so draining! My cat Charlie also has episodes where she totally freaks out for no reason, and I have been able to get her to fall asleep, merely through energy.

Everything is energy, so when you harness it and open yourself up to good energy flow you have amazing powers. I am working on minds right now, I am trying to get a read, or a thought, or interfere in thought, like telepathy. I guess, so far, I haven’t been what I would call successful. I can affect inanimate objects though, whenever I’m going anywhere I always make the stop lights green, I also help traffic either start moving or keep a slow but steady flow so that we don’t have to wait forever, what is all this called?

My mom and dad have been getting kind of freaked out that I’m into spiritual and psychic stuff a lot lately. They want to know what’s wrong with me but I don’t know! Does anybody? And can someone tell me either how to develop or get rid of these "psychic powers" please?

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